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Hesperus Pottery - Hunter River, PEI

Hesperus Pottery - Hunter River, PEI.

In 1991 Hesperus Pottery established a US patent for the name Oven God --- a ceramic bread warmer when it had been heated in an oven. Circular in shape of cast ceramic material, the item could also double as a trivet.

A corporate listing website still had a listing for the operation in 2022, although there is no indication if it was current. It listed:

Hesperus Pottery

PO Box 113

Hunter River, Prince Edward Island, C0A 1N0

Peter Baker, partner


Phone:  (902) 964-2284

Fax:  (902) 964-3165



Hesperus Pottery bread warmer

Hesperus Pottery bread warmer

Hesperus Pottery spongeware jug

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Ebb And Flow Pottery - Canavoy, PEI

 Ebb And Flow Pottery is located on MacEwens Creek Rd. in Canavoy, PEI

Tel: (902) 218-5278

Their Facebook page and Instagram feed are additional means of contact.

The potters mark is a circular seal at the base of mug handles or elsewhere on other pieces. The owner indicated on November 4, 2021 on Facebook that the reason for the seal relates to several personal things as well as identifying the company's work:

Customers often ask me about my “red seal”. The seal means two things. Number one, it’s the seal that I’ve been using on my fine art paintings for the last 13 years, so if you can’t afford an original painting or Wool Art piece, you can still get my artwork in the form of pottery at an affordable price with my red seal. The seal also symbolizes my family lineage in pottery. My family line in pottery goes back 400 years in Ireland, so the red seal is also a sign of genuine craftsmanship that flows through many generations in my bloodline.


Monday, December 27, 2021

Murielle Sullivan - Isle View Pottery

 Isle View Pottery is operated by Murielle Sullivan, and is a small-batch pottery located on Isleview Drive in Stratford, PEI.

The Etsy store and the Facebook page as well as the Instagram feed are easy ways to contact Murielle. She signs her work with both her name and his studio name as well as PEI in the following format.

M Sullivan     Isle View     PEI

Dylan Tierney Stoneware & Porcelain

Dylan Tierney Stoneware & Porcelain is the studio name of Prince Edward Island potter Dylan Tierney who signs his work with his name in the shortened form of D Tierney.

Dylan Tierney Stoneware & Porcelain
photo credit - Suzanne Scott

His Instagram feed and his Etsy store are the best ways to contact him.

At time of writing (Dec 2021) he is the only potter on PEI using a propane kiln to fire his pots thus has a range of glaze effects that are simply not available to other Island potters. He is a juried member of the PEI Crafts Council.

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Haley Potter Pottery - Haley Cole

 Operating under the name Haley Potter the pottery studio of Haley Cole is located in Bonshaw, PEI.

Her Instagram feed, and Facebook page as well as her Etsy Store are methods of contacting her directly.

 Her potters mark is a signature Haley Potter and the year.

Monday, December 13, 2021

Barb MacLeod Pottery

 Barb MacLeod Pottery is located on PEI. Her Instagram feed as well as her Facebook page give an idea of her current work. 

Handbuilt ceramic work is her primary focus currently.

More information to be updated soon.


Sydney White Ceramics & Schoolhouse Stoneware

 The website for Sydney White Ceramics & Schoolhouse Stoneware indicates:

Hi, I’m Sydney! I’m a Ceramic Artist living on the East Coast of Canada. I’ve been collecting pottery for as long as I can remember and was gifted a short series of classes a couple of years ago. After my first few attempts at the wheel I was incredibly humbled by this practice but up for the challenge. It didn't take too long before I fell in love with this medium. I’ve always admired the idea of functional art and now it’s a complete pleasure to be putting it out into the world. My goal is to create pieces that bring joy and add uniqueness to any home. I’m inspired by the natural world around me, near and far, and I try to convey a deep sense of nostalgia in my pieces. During the day I’m lucky enough to explore another passion, natural soap making at a local artisan shop downtown, and by night you can usually find me crouched over the wheel in my home studio with a spooky podcast playing or vinyl spinning! 

With my partner, we bought an old decommissioned schoolhouse and moved ourselves and our pups out of the city and into the country! After about a year of me creating functional tableware Joe was inspired to get his hands dirty too and he created our first ever bong! It blew my mind! I hadn’t even considered that form to explore.  It didn't take long before I started making bongs too and we launched our little passion project Schoolhouse Stoneware. We want to create pieces to be admired, ones that can sit out openly on your coffee table providing both function and beauty.  You can feel assured that every bong we sell goes back into preserving our historic home that we love so much.

The Instagram feed is an excellent source of images of her work.

Sydney White Ceramics

Sydney White Ceramics 

Hesperus Pottery - Hunter River, PEI

Hesperus Pottery - Hunter River, PEI. In 1991 Hesperus Pottery established a US patent for the name Oven God --- a ceramic bread warmer when...