Monday, February 13, 2012

Pottery Marks of Prince Edward Island - The Dunes - Peter Jansons & Joel Mills

The Dunes Studio Gallery in Brackley Beach, Prince Edward Island, features the work of two potters, Peter Jansons and Joel Mills.

Peter Jansons, the owner, is a second generation potter. He is a Toronto-born Canadian of Latvian descent who began his pottery career in his mother’s studio. He graduated from Sheridan School of Design and taught at Western Tech in Toronto before coming to the Island in 1978. He is the creative force behind The Dunes Studio Gallery and CafĂ© which is a spectacular space designed by Peter's architect father and surrounded by impressive gardens.

Peter’s long-time associate, Joel Mills, is an Island native and ceramics graduate of Holland College School of Visual Art. In addition to his work as potter at The Dunes, Joel teaches a pottery classes at the P.E.I. Potters’ Studio Co-op in Victoria Park, Charlottetown and is an avid sailor and cyclist.
In 2016 the studio work of The Dunes is being signed "The Dunes - PEI" as well Peter signs some of the work "Jansons PEI".

A video interview with Peter is a good introduction to his operation. As well an article by The Guardian tells of how the business has evolved over time.

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Unknown said...

I have two pieces of Peter Jansons pottery made and purchased in 1986. How can I find out the value of these items?

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