Monday, April 12, 2010

Pottery Marks of Prince Edward Island - The Anne Pottery

Annette Galloway operated a pottery studio on Edinburgh Drive in Charlottetown, PEI in the 1970's and 1980's, known as The Anne Pottery, a play on her own name as well as the Island's best known red-head the fictional character Anne Shirley of Green Gables fame.

Her glazes have the characteristics of a gas fired kiln but were fired electrically.
Her signature was, The "Anne" Pottery - Ch'town - PEI

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pottery Marks of Prince Edward Island - Stone & Sea Pottery

Stone & Sea Pottery was a business established in 1999 by Elizabeth Vessey, at RR#2 Cornwall, Prince Edward Island. Registered in December of that year, the Royal Gazette indicates on May 10, 2008 that the listing was removed from the registry of PEI businesses due to non-renewal of the listing.
Elizabeth signed her work with the company name and the province - Stone & Sea PEI.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Pottery Marks of Prince Edward Island - Anne Pottery

This work signed Anne is from PEI.

Any help in identification would be greatly appreciated.

Pottery Marks of Prince Edward Island - Duffy Pottery

"Of the Isle" was a craft shop in Brackley, PEI that operated in the 1960's & 1970's by Mrs. Duffy from Charlottetown. Her son Philip Duffy, an Island potter at that time supplied her shop with pottery. His work was signed "Duffy PEI". Now a resident of the province of Quebec, Philip continues to pursue his ceramic interests in the sculptural side of the art, rather than in functional pottery. He wrote in 2012 to indicate how the shop building,
"Was bought and moved in the late 1970's  from Brackley to make into a cottage, it was a few miles north of the [Charlottetown] Airport, soon after Fair Isle Motel . . . my mother had at least 30-40 craftspeople represented in her shop, at the time. I loved all the variety, really fantastic, to see Levitt's woodturning -- no longer... Axel Johnson [woodturning]. When Moira and I went to see him in Little Sands, what a treat ! One time the road was blocked, June for road construction, we walk a half  mile, across fields, when we got got there, Axel, said 'Well I know the road is blocked, how did you get here?' Moira answered, well, 'We walked all the way from Charlottetown,' Axel was surprised, then, he said  'Well that will take some lard off your behind !' "

Pottery Marks of Prince Edward Island - Carol & Ken Downe Pottery

Carol and Ken Downe's pottery was located in Rustico, PEI and operated under the studio name of Old Forge Pottery - having located their retail shop in a former blacksmith shop with their pottery studio in an adjacent heritage house on the same property.

Carol developed the business beginning with an early interest in ceramics as a hobby. Having lived in Alberta she and her husband Ken returned to PEI in the 1970's. Carol's interest blossomed through following the example of her mother who in retirement had just become a student at Holland College School of Visual Arts in Charlottetown. Carol registered at the college as well and they both studied under Barry Jeeves and Ron Arvidson.

Carol's husband Ken developed an interest in the business and retired early from his career to join her in the business - assisting in all aspects of the business with Carol as the primary potter. Working as business partners Carol and Ken were prolific potters during the late 1970's until the studio closed following Ken's death and Carol's retirement.

The Royal Gazette for PEI indicates that on May 24, 2002 that the partnership known as The Old Forge Pottery & Crafts, which had been registered by Kenneth G. Downe and Carol Downe was dissolved.

Their studio work was signed Downe - PEI.

Pottery Marks of Prince Edward Island - Maxine Stanfield Pottery

Maxine Stanfield was a student at Holland College School of Visual Arts in Charlottetown in the early 1970's who developed a strong interest in the sculptural aspects of clay. She studied with both Barry Jeeves and Ron Arvidson.

Eventually painting became her dominant visual art form and she became well known on PEI for her abstract work.

Maxine relocated to Nanaimo, British Columbia in the 1990's and resumed using her maiden name of Elliot.
She signed her sculptural work - Maxine with PEI and the year.

This piece was thought to be made while she was living in Prince Rupert, B.C.

Marilyn MacLean - P.E.I. Potters Cove

Marilyn is a student of Ron Arvidson who attended Holland College School of Visual Arts pottery program in 1982 and followed Ron to the P.E....