Friday, April 9, 2010

Pottery Marks of Prince Edward Island - Carol & Ken Downe Pottery

Carol and Ken Downe's pottery was located in Rustico, PEI and operated under the studio name of Old Forge Pottery - having located their retail shop in a former blacksmith shop with their pottery studio in an adjacent heritage house on the same property.

Carol developed the business beginning with an early interest in ceramics as a hobby. Having lived in Alberta she and her husband Ken returned to PEI in the 1970's. Carol's interest blossomed through following the example of her mother who in retirement had just become a student at Holland College School of Visual Arts in Charlottetown. Carol registered at the college as well and they both studied under Barry Jeeves and Ron Arvidson.

Carol's husband Ken developed an interest in the business and retired early from his career to join her in the business - assisting in all aspects of the business with Carol as the primary potter. Working as business partners Carol and Ken were prolific potters during the late 1970's until the studio closed following Ken's death and Carol's retirement.

The Royal Gazette for PEI indicates that on May 24, 2002 that the partnership known as The Old Forge Pottery & Crafts, which had been registered by Kenneth G. Downe and Carol Downe was dissolved.

Their studio work was signed Downe - PEI. As well Carol signed some work with C Downe - PEI.

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