Friday, January 27, 2012

Pottery Marks of Prince Edward Island - Michael Stanley Pottery

Michael Stanley is a second generation potter, having grown up with parents Christine, a weaver and Malcolm a potter who together operate Stanley Pottery & Weaving in Breadalbane.

Michael served his apprenticeship in the family studio between 1999-2004 where all studio production is signed Stanley, PEI along with the year. Opening his own business, Scorched Earth Pottery in 2004, his work was signed Scorched Earth PEI between 2004-2008. Most of the work was for the wholesale trade during this period as well as a certain amount of raku work.

In 2009 Michael entered the retail trade when he opened his Charlottetown studio, first on Richmond St. and then relocated to 89 Water St. in 2011. He operated under the name Michael Stanley Pottery and uses a potters mark that is based on a tree of life image he created himself.

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