Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pottery Marks of Prince Edward Island - Stanley Studios - Malcolm & Michael Stanley

Malcolm Stanley apprenticed in the early 1970's in the Norman-Crimmins partnership studio in Keswick-Ridge NB. The studio relocated and is now known as Crimmins Studio, with the current involvement of a second generation member of the Crimmins family. Much like his mentor, Malcolm would find that his son Michael Stanley would also embrace pottery as his chosen art form. Moving to PEI in the early 1970's Malcolm and Christine (a weaver) began selling their work through a variety of studios they operated in northern Queens Co. They were partners in the 1980's in a business, and continued to sell their items through a shop located appropriately enough in - Stanley Bridge. Eventually establishing their own shop and studio, Stanley Studios, in a wooded area of the Dixon Rd. - Breadalbane, next to their home. They have been joined in the business by their son Michael, an accomplished Island potter. Malcolm's early work used "Stanley - PEI" as well as the year, as his potter's mark.

Update 2021 - The Stanley family continues to grow as an active craft family on PEI, and a family that takes closeness to heart. Over a number of years Victoria, PEI has become a special place or home for the children and grandchildren of Malcolm and Christine. In 2020 it also became home for Malcolm and Christine when their farm on the Dixon Road in Breadalbane sold, and they purchased a heritage home in the village of Victoria.

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Pottery Marks of Prince Edward Island - Michael Stanley Pottery

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