Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pottery Marks of Prince Edward Island - Island Stoneware - Cindy & Darryl Lentz

The potters of Island Stoneware, include owners Cindy and Darryl Lentz located in Borden-Carleton PEI. Right Off The Batt Pottery was the original name of the operation when it was located in Kinkora, but with an expansion and relocation to a new facility, a rename took place in 2014 as well.  All work produced is signed with one studio mark. They explain the derivation of their mark on their website,

Our mark is a representation of the Chinese symbol meaning “together” or “shoulder to shoulder”. We’ve combined it with our last name to express how we work together as one. Every piece of our pottery has been created, in some way or another, by both our hands so a small portion of both of us goes into our pots and eventually into your home.

The website of Island Stoneware includes photographs of their work.

Cindy and Darryl Lentz
Island Stoneware Inc
156 Borden Avenue
Borden-Carleton, PEI
C0B 1X0 Canada
Phone: 902.855.2529
Fax: 902.855.2526
Toll Free: 1.888.734.2529

In 2012 a profile was written on Cindy and Darryl with pictures and video of their pottery and studio.
In 2016 Cindy and Darryl sold Island Stoneware to Chris Palmer a Summerside entrepreneur who operates the manufacturing facility with the help of staff.

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Darryl Lentz said...

Thanks so much for including us Ian ! Much appreciated. Check the website again as we're now in our new World Headquarters in Borden Carleton :)


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