Monday, January 2, 2012

Pottery Marks of Prince Edward Island - Rainwater Pottery

Linwood and Elizabeth Thompson operated Rainwater Pottery during the 1980's in Little Sands which is located in eastern Prince Edward Island.

Jacquese Conley and her husband were a couple of newly weds on their honeymoon, and recalled their visit to the operation and the pottery they bought there while providing us with these photographs of the work.
"It's been thirty years and they still look as good as the day we bought them .. and we still love them. Thanks for an opportunity to share." 

Correspondence in 2009 with Rob Wilby, a potter who lived nearby indicated,
"They closed around 1985; the Thompsons who ran the business have both passed away over ten years ago. We knew them well."
It appears that the Thompson's work was primarily in red earthenware clay and that they used the company name "Rainwater - PEI" written in a script style as their pottery mark.

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Unknown said...

Linwood and Elizabeth Thompson are my grandparents. I have a few items from Rainwater, I would love the opportunity to see more of their work.

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